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3 Walkindownaline 7 years, 10 months ago Reply

I am a college student working towards two degrees. The first is a B.A. of Psychology, and the second is a B.A. of English with an emphasis in writing. I am also pursuing a certificate in technical communications. My ultimate goal is to become a writer. I have a lot of great ideas for books that I want to write, at least I think they are great. In the mean time I am writing short stories here and there. I think I'll end up poasting mostly during the summer months, because in addition to going to school full time, I have to work full time.

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1 ladyvike15 7 years, 10 months ago Reply

ew! I hate working, even though i'm only in high school and i'm a nanny for work! i will definitely check in from time to time to read your posts. good luck! ~Lady V

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1 NeoShaolin47 7 years, 10 months ago Reply

Hey, good for you! I work full time and try to write as much as I can, trying to go back to college as well :P. Just kinda fell into the mundane trap of monthly paychecks and-WHAM! there goes three years. Heheh, I admire your persistence!

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