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Round four has a winner! by Katrina - July 31, 2008

Congratulations to the winner of the fourth round of the current contest:

expressionarchitect with her chapter “TSNK 4: A Glimmer of Hope (revised)”!

expressionarchitect, I will be contacting you shortly to see if you would like to be a judge!

In case any of you are interested, following is a table that includes the judges’ votes for each of the stories that were eligible for this round:

holly724 chloe Nashvillebecker Katrina TOTAL AVERAGE
TSNK 4: A Glimmer of Hope (revised)
 by expressionarchitect
Thou Shalt Not Kill Chapter 4: Family Ties
 by shanbam
Thou Shalt Not Kill - Chapter 4: By the Hands of God
 by xvoorheesx
Thou Shalt Not Kill (4)....Practice Makes Perfect
 by theblackhand
Thou Shall Not Kill (4)
 by short-sweet
Thou Shalt Not Kill - Tick Tock Tick Tock
 by rocklee11416
*Thou Shalt Not Kill -4- There's A New Sheriff In Town...*
 by xfionax
'Thou Shall Not Kill'-A Priest's Confession
 by Neo
Thou Shall Not Kill: Adara's dirty little secret
 by nateride
Make it through the day...
 by Misty19

Now begin working on your round five entries! As always, be sure to comment or email me at Katrina@storymash.com with any questions or suggestions.

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2 writerwannabe 6 years ago Reply

Congratulations, expressionsarchitect!!! You worked hard for it...and deserved it!!

  hidden comment from writerwannabe with score of 2
2 Silver 6 years ago Reply

Goes to show that refining a piece can really pay off. A well-deserved win.

  hidden comment from Silver with score of 2
1 expressionarchitect 6 years ago Reply

Thank you very much, WWB and Silver! I look forward to reading your entries!

  hidden comment from expressionarchitect with score of 1
2 chloe 6 years ago Reply

Congratulations Expression! You gave the next group a lot fascinating new directions to go! Bravo!

  hidden comment from chloe with score of 2
2 theblackhand 5 years, 12 months ago Reply

Congratulations to you!

  hidden comment from theblackhand with score of 2
2 theblackhand 5 years, 12 months ago Reply

I really wish your team would figure out a way to fix the "stories" page. Nothing pisses me off more then to see multiple chapters for a story posted back to back to back.
Some writers even know how to "write the next chapter" to continue a storyline but still refuse to do so in hopes that they will get read. It just knocks other authors off the page real quickly. Most stories don't even last up there a whole day.
There was talk once about having a page were stories would be posted according to the genre.
Is that still in the works?

  hidden comment from theblackhand with score of 2
2 chloe 5 years, 12 months ago Reply

Oooh That's a great idea TBH, I know -it's really hard for me to get the genre of the stories just by the titles- I'm confused- i know there are tag lines -where do they show up?

  hidden comment from chloe with score of 2
2 Katrina 5 years, 12 months ago Reply

It is, yes. I have to admit that it's not on the top of the list, but it is something that we're talking about. :)

  hidden comment from Katrina with score of 2
1 theblackhand 5 years, 11 months ago Reply

Thanks Katrina. Keep us posted!

  hidden comment from theblackhand with score of 1