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And we have a winner…. by Katrina - July 1, 2008

Congratulations to the winner of the first round of the current contest:

Persephonie with her chapter “Thou Shalt Not Kill”!

Persephone, you are now eligible to be a judge for the remaining nine rounds of this contest. Please be sure to email me at Katrina @ storymash.com if you’d like to judge.

In case any of you are interested, following is a table that includes the judges’ votes for each of the stories that were eligible for this round:

Katrina Novel-Ambition holly724 TOTAL AVERAGE
Thou Shalt Not Kill 4 5 4.7 13.7 4.57
The Universal Cover Up 5 4 4.4 13.4 4.47
Phoning It In 4 4 4.3 12.3 4.1
Carmen Unicycle 4 4 3.9 11.9 3.97
Re-Up 3.5 4 3.9 11.4 3.8
Studebaker Pasta Antelope Rasp Plunger 5 1 4.5 10.5 3.5
The Recorder 3.5 3 3.5 10 3.33
The Bayan-Ölgii Factor 4 2 3.9 9.9 3.3
He Knows Things 2.5 2 3.6 8.1 2.7
Night Jar 1 3 4.1 8.1 2.7

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2 Persephonie 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

thanks to all of the judges, readers and fellow writers who made this such an interesting and challenging contest!

  hidden comment from Persephonie with score of 2
2 Silver 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

While I believe the judges made the best choice possible (and I'm glad to see they had as hard a time between 1st and 2nd as I would have) I just wanted to ask about the fact that it appears the judges were instructed to only look at the top 10 stories. The rules, however, were more generous in their original posting, at least: "Judges will have a full three days to read, rate and comment on at least the top 10 ranked competing chapters of each round. This means that not all chapters may be read by the panel of judges. Judges are strongly encouraged to review at least the top 10 ranked chapters, and judges may review many more. Only the top 10 ranked chapters, plus any chapters rated by the entire panel of judges will be in the final running to win the round. Judges may also read, rate and comment on chapters anytime before the judging period."

  hidden comment from Silver with score of 2
2 Katrina 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

Hi Silver!
The judges were asked to look at *at least* the top ten ranked chapters, just as it is stated in the rules. I, personally, didn't have the time to look beyond the top ten this round, but hope to do so during the second round.
I hope this clears it up!

  hidden comment from Katrina with score of 2
2 Silver 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

I found what made me feel that this rule was not followed. Under the blog entry "Contest #5 - Round #1" Katrina discusses with wsells why his/her 11th place story didn't make it in.

  hidden comment from Silver with score of 2
2 writerwannabe 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

This is neat. It would be nice to see a chart like this for the remainder of the current, and all future contests!

  hidden comment from writerwannabe with score of 2
1 ericswyatt 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

ah, missed it by "that much"

congrats to Persephonie!

  hidden comment from ericswyatt with score of 1