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Featured Chapter


You need two blankets, a pillow (or two if needed), pants, boots, a button up shirt, safety pins, and something to use as a head. (more on heads later).


Roll blankets to form arms and legs. Fold rolled leg blanket in half, stuff each leg into the pant legs. Safety pin legs to pillow bottom.


Next put opened shirt on a bed, put pillow on top with legs at bottom, stuff the arm blanket into the arms of the shirt, pin arms to the top of the pillow and button up the shirt. Fasten shirt to pants either tucked or not. You can hide the pins with a belt if you wish.


Now stuff leg endings into boots and all you will need is a head.


I used a fabric stuffed pumpkin into a pillow case, then put straight pins through plastic bugs to form nose and mouth, then I pined on eyes I had drawn and cut out with straight pins. It came out really cute. You could even use a jack-o-lantern if you place the dummy and head on a couch just right. Just don't use an open flame, just in case the dummy get's shifted and the flame finds the clothing. Or once I used a Styrofoam wig form with a wig. Now you might find a fake head or skull at a Halloween supply store the would work. Most of all have fun with it.